Meet Kamila!

29 Nov

Kamila Barbour, founder of Barbour House Publications believes that her life and work are a culmination of her experiences as a woman, a visionary and a creative mind. She loves using her talents to formulate artistic, practical and effective means of visual communication in print and she appreciates designers who incorporate classic visual communication techniques with the latest trends in design. After more than 12 years of seeing herself as a publisher, she finally created Barbour House Publications to be a portal through which artist, writers, designers and educators promote their written work and establish the latest trends in Islamic Arts.

Kamila was inspired to start Barbour House after years of poorly illustrated and designed books in the Islamic market filled shelves. She always felt that she could improve the presentation of some very good pieces of work that were unfortunately disabled by poor design.

“Because I found myself a single mother years after giving up a career, I needed to move into the next phase of my life with a well thought out plan leaving no time wasted while getting the most return,” said Kamila, “I joined EWI after months of watching and seeing the results of other entrepreneurs that graduated from their program. I decided that EWI could also help me lay out a clear plan of action after years of trying to figure it out on my own.”

So far, she has set her dream into motion with the help of a wonderful sisterhood of like minded visionaries.

The sense of Empowerment that she has gained in the last few months is even visible in her own daughters. They have come up with so many ideas of their own and she fully expects that they can achieve anything they imagine.

Kamila prays that in time Barbour House Publications becomes the beckon for showcasing the trailblazers and educators for Islamic arts in America and across the globe and we are certain that it will be!

  Charlia Acree
Rockville ETS Intern


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