ETS Rockville Class Update: It’s Getting Cold, But We’re Heating Up! (10/22)

25 Oct

Even though the seasons are changing and it’s starting to cool down, the month of October is heating up in the Fall ETS classes!

As our students tread the choppy waters of starting a business and developing their business plans, they continue to learn more about this courageous endeavor and even more about their selves.

Alexandria and Rockville students have covered the various facets of marketing, the importance of customer service and effectively measuring successes. Despite some reservations, ETS ladies were schooled in social media, public speaking and marketing techniques for on and offline strategies.

We are empowering our women to believe they can achieve all that they imagine and encouraging the confidence necessary to persevere. Last night in the Rockville class, the transformations were evident in several students. Guest speaker, Kathy Reiffenstein, Founder and President of And…Now Presenting, gave an excellent presentation to the students on effective elevator pitches and confident public speaking. The students paid close attention to her lecture and were surprised to discover that they would have to use this lesson sooner than expected. As Kathy concluded her presentation, Perri whipped out the flip cam and recorded each student’s unrehearsed elevator pitch and played each one back for constructive evaluation and peer review.

I was so proud to see my women stand up and briefly explain their respective businesses and purposes. Indeed there were some butterflies, but on a whole, each student has made tremendous progress and without a doubt, will be ready to shine at the graduation in December.  Although we are nearing the end of the course, this is just the beginning of these women’s journeys into entrepreneurship.

– Charlia Acree
ETS Rockville Intern


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