EWI Board Member Howie Gets Book Contract!

15 Oct

Howard Feinstein gets Contract to Publish his Civil Rights Memoir “Fire On The Bayou” 

Hats off to Howard Feinstein, Member of EWI Board of Directors for securing a contract to publish his civil rights memoir “Fire On The Bayou” in 2013.

“This milestone marks a major step in my own entrepreneurial journey, which began when I moved on from law and plunged — with almost nothing in the way of planning — into the world of music and writing.  You can’t believe how many people told me that I was being irresponsible. A couple of people literally questioned my mental health, suggesting that I needed to get some counseling. However, at this point, things are going quite well with music, and I will now be publishing my second book, with more to come.”


Congratulations Howie for your determination, passion and belief in your gifts: music, writing and the law. You represent all that EWI believes in and more.


One Response to “EWI Board Member Howie Gets Book Contract!”

  1. Velma October 15, 2012 at 3:43 pm #

    Howie, this it GREAT! News…Congrats to you…

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