Community Services Fair with Language ETC

12 Oct

On Tuesday October 10th, Perri and I attended a community services fair as presented by Language ETC, an organization that teaches ESL classes to DC residents.  The event took place at the Language ETC campus in north west DC, which made for a lovely drive along the Rock Creek Parkway.

After admiring a parade of daycare babies (Perri), we made our way into the ETC building and set up a lovely array of jewelry and EWI-related pamphlets.
Language ETC 10/9

The competition was fierce as our table was almost overshadowed by the MOST CHARISMATIC MAN IN THE WORLD, who’s booming voice and gargantuan stature loomed heavily over every person in the room.  Perri and I had no other option, we had to step our game up.  We reached into our bag of tricks and pulled out some Spanish fluency and old fashioned charm, which helped us to connect with many of the wonderful ESL students.

While other tables relied on gimmicks like free toothbrushes and stainless steel rulers, we handed out something far more valuable… the opportunity to better one’s self through EWI enrichment.

Ultimately, the event was a success that allowed us to reach out to potential EWI students and benefactors in the DC area.

Till our next adventure…

-Jeremy Brandt-Vorel
Media and Outreach Intern



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