Rockville ETS Update 9/25

2 Oct

This week, the students in the Rockville ETS class came prepared and hit the ground running. The fifth session for the budding entrepreneurs provided a space for them to recall their product and service pricing lesson from the previous week. Perri and the mentors also introduced the concept of finding a niche, identifying a target market and understanding the competition. The students enjoyed learning these essential tactics that will make for successful start-ups. They eagerly contributed to a thorough analysis of their individual marketing strategies and shared their research with their peers. I was amazed to hear their ambitious plans and socially-conscious marketing proposals that will surely appeal to their consumers and hopefully help them establish long-term clientele.

I was especially moved by the consensus that social responsibility and passion were more critical to their businesses than capital. They each understand the need for money but I admire that our students are driven by their passion for their skill and their vision of providing a positive service or product to their communities. This distinguishes ETS students from the masses. This separates EWI from the generic business start-up model. We succeed because we care and that is a unique credit to these empowered women. Keep up the superb work!

– Charlia Acree
Rockville ETS Intern





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