Alexandria ETS Update

19 Sep

 Although it is only our second class, there is a very strong bond stirring among the students and mentors, and it’s really delightful to watch unfold. During every session, I learn so much about starting a business, artwork, self-mentoring, and other people!

This week, I had the privilege to see all of our students’ vision boards, which they created and then shared with the class, describing their goals and how they plan on achieving them. During each person’s presentation, other students eagerly shared their advice and thoughts on each others’ visions. Some students even brought in their own products.

Dinelles showcased her beautiful towel cakes; a creative way to present linen gifts.

Amoy brought in her lovely jewelry.

Elda and Lizbeth brought in a tasty cake pop treat, that was shaped like little chicks, which they claimed represented the students as they begin their journey towards successful entrepreneurship.  At first, I didn’t want to eat my cake pop because it was too pretty to never see again. However, I’m very happy I changed my mind and decided to try it, because it was absolutely delicious.

Towards the end of class, we discussed marketing strategies and how to calculate pricing products. I learned about all the different factors that have to be taken into account, such as time spent, materials, transportation, intellectual contribution, etc. One of our mentors, Amina gave a very inspiring thought, when she claimed that self-satisfaction is not a prerequisite for getting a business started, and that we can work on ourselves as we are working on our businesses. Sometimes, we even find ourselves along the way. I totally agree with Amina’s statement and cannot wait for next week’s class!

– Mina Alemzadeh
Entrepreneur Training for Success Intern (Alexandria)


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