EWI welcomes Jeremy!

14 Sep

Jeremy Brandt-Vorel, Social Media and Community Outreach Intern

As our organization grows, so too does our staff.  That’s why all this week we will be highlighting a new member of our team.  Today, we would like to welcome our new Intern of Social Media and Community Outreach, Jeremy Brandt-Vorel.

Jeremy is serving as the Social Media and Outreach intern for Fall 2012.  Jeremy is a recent graduate from Christopher Newport University with a B.A. in Communications, as well as minors in Studio Art and Spanish.  Having close family ties overseas, and frequent opportunities to travel abroad; an organization that serves an international cliental is of particular interest to Jeremy.  He hopes to be able to more fully appreciate the tribulations of his own immigrant relatives, as he helps refugees and immigrants in his local community.  With academic concentrations in Communications and Art, Jeremy hopes to be an integral part of the EWI team. Outside of the office, Jeremy enjoys boardsports, fishing, and film.

As the Social Media and Outreach Intern, Jeremy will work hand in hand with the EWI team to better promote the organization through online media.  Jeremy hopes to help create a greater online presence, so that more people in the community can benefit from the work of EWI.


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