Made possible by donors like you!

10 Sep

We reached our Scholarship Campaign Goal!
But there’s still time today to give to other women in need.

Thanks to the generous support of our donors, we have reached our goal to provide tuition for 3 empowered women. One of those beneficiaries is the wonderful Sandra Owusu-Ansah…

Mary, our program manager, had a chance to interview Sandra:

When I first meet Sandra, she gave me a hug. “We do hugs, no hand shaking,” she said. Her warmth and grace were immediate. Once I got her talking about her passions for art and the environment, I was captivated.

SandraSandra’s introduction to art has been through nature, by watching and appreciating the different ways that nature reveals itself artistically. Her multi-media talents are in metal-smithing, enameling, fabric art, beading and papermaking, to name a few. Unable to pass up something discarded that could have another life, she’s been picking up things for years, thinking of how she can use it and make a difference. It all comes together in her gorgeous creations of reclaimed, up-cycled, and recycled dolls and hand bags. These are truly object of art, and objects that she uses to spread the word about the life-cycle of materials and the importance of re-using items. “This should not be a fad, but the norm for the average person and available to anyone,” she insists.

A convergence of multiple disciplines and talents, coupled with an innovative idea and a big dream, has led Sandra to pursue EWI’s Entrepreneurship Training for Success Program this fall. There is urgency in her voice when she starts talking about it. She explains that the energy in her is now, call it a spiritual push, to dedicate her art and environmental passions to giving back.

Sandra's dolls, jewelry, & bags

Sandra confessed that she sees a lot of creative people her age who have lost hope. She sees average people who are in serious debt and caught in consumerism to feel worthy. She herself is struggling to make it in a low-paying job after being downsized a decade ago from high-paying professions. She notices how people have treated her differently since then. She’s not respected for her mind or person, but her worth is measured by how much she makes.

The outlet that makes her feel good and worthy is through the expression of her art. When friends and family see how EWI values her art and can support her vision, she feels she’s being given greater respect. EWI will give her a chance to attain economic security and provide structure to her vision.

Sandra comes from a family of very strong women dating back to 1861, in Washington DC. The women in her family have proven through the generations that they are self-taught and self-sufficient. These are women who find ways to take care of themselves and family. And in reflecting upon her own lineage, Sandra has been building up her strength and renewing her hope over the past few years. Through EWI she is ready to make her vision a reality, to learn together with other extraordinary women in making a difference.

Today is the last day of our Scholarship Campaign, and though we have reached our goal in providing for 3 new women, it’s never to late to support the wonderful endeavors of our empowered women.

There are still entrepreneurs-in-training that need your help.  Please give what you can in the time remaining.


One Response to “Made possible by donors like you!”

  1. La Joyce Thomass September 17, 2012 at 9:12 am #

    This is a program that should be supported by all people. I believe all human beings have a love for art and they just have to stop and truly look at their environment and they will see that we are surrouned by it.

    La Joyce Thomass

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