EWI, a fantastic internship experience!

6 Sep

Empowered Women International initially showed up in my research for an internship that would offer practical experience in my chosen career field: minority women’s microenterprise, microfinance, and business education.

Women’s Rights? Check!
Immigrant, Refugee, Low-Income Rights? Check!
Business training? Check!
Creation of economic opportunities through education and respect? DingDingDing!


At the staff retreat!

EWI couldn’t have been a better fit! However, I’ve been in the workforce since I was 15 years old and this is the first time I’ve had an unpaid internship. As Liz said in her internship look-back, internships get a bad rap, and for good reason. Who wants to be stuck doing gerbil work for 3 months?

EWI is the complete opposite! The EWI staff work really hard to find top-notch interns with valuable skills and then they use those skills to better the organization. I was immediately given interesting projects to do. I started with research projects into partnerships with local Universities, better advertising, and the possibility of partnering with an online company to start a Digital Museum and Marketplace.


Excited about my cupcakes at my EWI Goodbye party!

Then I sharpened my PowerPoint Skills by managing a small team of interns in the creation of all new PowerPoint presentations for the new Fall class of 2012. I also contacted newspapers and successfully established a relationship with Street Sense who will be publishing an article about us soon! Stay tuned for that!

I finished my internship by creating a wide range Social Media plan for our new incoming Social Media, Video, and Graphic Design Interns.

Through it all, I received encouragement, support, and a sense of purpose. What we do here matters. All of our efforts result in a better functioning organization and allows us to better serve our amazing women students.

Would I say my expectations are higher for future internships based on this experience? YES! I’m so grateful that EWI gave me such a positive experience and did more for me than just padding out my resume. They let me participate in their amazing organization and feel the rush of being a part of something truly good.

Check out EWI’s internship opportunities here!

EWI – A fantastic group, a fantastic internship!


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