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14 Aug

Now that another school year is right around the corner (and underway for some), we’ve been investigating some of the big issues facing parents and educators as they get their kids classroom-ready!

School at Home or Homeschooling?”

The homeschooling phenomenon has exploded in recent years, and data such as ACT/SAT scores and psychological tests suggest that parents may not be misguided in wanting to take on their child’s education independently. Still, another option has presented itself in the form of “virtual academies” that provide online classes based on a given district’s requirements. This article on thenewamerican.com gives a general overview of the difference between this form of education-at-home and homeschooling as well as the pros and cons of this new approach.

Why Romney, Obama are education twins

With elections in November, many parents will be wondering what the two presidential candidates have in mind for their child’s education. According to this Washington Post article, it turns out that parents can expect campaign speeches on the subject of education to contain more or less the same thing coupled with some very creative wording. As the article cleverly points out, it will be imperative for speech writers to make their candidate’s plan sound distinct and innovative – even if the plan itself is a copy of the same status quo policy the parties have shared in recent years. For the parents of future writers, this could be a great lesson in recycling your old material!

Packing a Waste-Free and Healthy Lunch

Finally, this article by Amily Hoop-Sopko is a great refresher in School Lunch 101. She provides some great tips on saving time and money and encourages parents to bring their children shopping to learn more about the different food groups and all the healthy food available at the grocery store. We would encourage parents to include their kids in the lunch-packing process from time to time as well! Their first pick for lunch may not coincide with yours, but with a bunch of healthy food available and you as a guide they’ll be making the smart choice no matter what!


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