10 Aug

Our recent forays into the world of social media have led us to a new site giving Pinterest a run for its money when it comes to uncovering new and rare gems of e-commerce!

Wanelo (short for Want, Need, Love) is similar to Pinterest in the sense that it runs on the collections assembled by curators (just like the boards created by pinners), yet the overall goal of Wanelo is less aspirational and more shopping-oriented. Wanelo provides direct links to the online stores where products can be found, and the pieces themselves tend to be more affordable and more practical, thereby encouraging actual shopping as well as curation.

Having just received 2M from various investors, the directors of this San Fransisco-based site hope to expand operations, hire designers and develop an online platform that’s wholely seperate from Pinterest and other, similar websites.

In the meantime, Wanelo is still an incredibly useful tool for discovering the smaller, environmentally-friendly online merchants who may not be trending on other sites!  Here’s a list of vendors we LOVE who offer vintage or recycled products (with plenty of character, of course):

Gypsy Warrior


Viva Terra



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