EWI artist pulls her inspiration (literally) from the Potomac

8 Aug

Alison Sigethy graduated from our ETS program in 2007 and since that time, her artistic journey has taken her from the Torpedo Factory Art Center to the Smithsonian Craft Show to….the recycling bins of King Street?

For our readers who are familiar with Alison Sigethy’s unique style of artwork, this should be no surprise. As an artist, Sigethy stands out for her resourcefulness and as a self-proclaimed “nature girl,” she is constantly aware of the impact that her work makes on the environment. In order to preserve the natural world that she loves, Alison uses and reuses materials she finds in nature – as well as select recycling bins – in her mystical, nautical-style creations.

The natural beauty of her work has caught the attention of handfuls of local galleries and collectors – she was even featured as the Torpedo Factory’s Artist of the Year with Marsha Staiger in 2010! Alison’s collaboration with Staiger continued in 2012 with “Above/Below,” a dance choreographed for the Karen Reedy Dance troupe.

Sea-Core Bubbler Tube by Alison Sigethy, as seen in the Hotel Monaco in Alexandria

So where should you look for Alison’s work next? We recommend starting right in her studio, where she is currently holding a half-off sale for her Sea Core Bubble Tubes. And be sure to stop by the Washington Craft Show in November to see some of her other pieces on display!

And for our readers located on the other side of the country, do not despair! West coast museums and galleries have also taken a liking to Sigethy’s work. In fact, the Bellevue Arts Museum in Washington is one of Alison’s most recent clients!

To learn more about Alison and her art, visit her website at www.alisonsigethy.com, or find her on facebook!

A select few of her pieces are also available for purchase on Etsy!


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