Photos, recipes, art! Oh my!

2 Aug

Since prime vacation time is still underway, EWI has created several new Pinterest boards evoking distant shores and rich, unique cultures!

Passport to Egypt,” inspired by EWI entrepreneur Aida Mady, includes some of her delicious recipes as well as handmade products and photos highlighting the beauty of this complex, ancient land.

Evening on Brick Lane,” our tribute to all of our graduates originating from India and the recent London

Check out this recipe for delicious Indian khandvi, brought to you by EWI grad Doler Shah!

Olympics craze, will have you craving curry and a long walk along the Thames. Along with the products featured in our Etsy shop from artists such as Uttara, Sharmila and Sushmita, we will continue to cultivate pieces that incorporate the artistic elements of Indian culture by artists that utilize sustainable creative practices. The upcycled sari bracelets we feature on the board, for example, were found on and made from retired sari scraps!

So if you’re feeling that summertime wanderlust, stop by our Pinterest blog and take a few minutes to explore! Who knows? Maybe a virtual tour will turn into future travel!


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