EWI is July’s cause of the month on HeartofGoldGirls!

2 Aug

We at EWI are excited and honored to be featured as “Cause of the Month” for this past July on heartofgoldgirls.com!

Deborah Reber’s thoughtful article describes Empowered Women International as the “perfect cause for us to highlight because it’s all about helping women everywhere support themselves through entrepreneurship. EWI channels the entrepreneurial spirit, the arts, and the creative capital of talented and high-potential immigrant, refugee and low-income women into new jobs and small businesses.”

Not only are we thrilled to be highlighted on HeartofGoldGirls, but we’re also in love with the mission statement of this empowering website!  Designed for girls over 13, HeartofGoldGirls is a comprehensive online resource that guides its readers through the sometimes-rocky road of the teenage years and encourages girls to take a stand for what they believe in. With topics ranging from babysitting tips to how to pack for vacation efficiently, this is one website to recommend to daughters, nieces and friends everywhere!

Our sincere thanks to the team at HeartofGoldGirls.com! Keep up the great work!


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