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31 Jul

What archetypes can do for your business

While you may have heard of “the Hero,” “the Ruler” and “the Lover” in a high school english or cinema class, have you ever associated these symbols with your favorite brand of detergent?

John Purkiss is a consultant in personal brand strategy and has helped launch several businesses throughout the course of his career

John Purkiss, co-author of Brand You, does this every day and encourages other entrepreneurs to do the same!  According to Purkiss, archetypes can play a huge role in building a company’s brand.  Whether we do it consciously or not, consumers associate certain brands with certain feelings (i.e. Marlboro ads evoke a sense of freedom and adventure with the cowboy mascot) and as Purkiss claims, these associations allow us to get a better understanding of the company itself.

Not only do archetypes display the morals and values of a company, but they also enforce customer loyalty.  As Purkiss notes, a strong and uniform brand archetype could attract customers who feel a connection with that certain identity.

So what archetype reflects your business the best? And could building your brand around a certain symbol or archetype really benefit your brand? Follow this link to the Brand You website and decide for yourself!


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