Josette Sheeran – WFP’s powerhouse fundraiser and our Empowered Woman of the Day!

30 Jul

To kick off the last week of July, we’re highlighting an inspiring woman “working on the frontlines of human vulnerability.”

Josette Sheeran, the current leader of the World Food Programme, did not start out with the dream of ending world hunger. Instead, Sheeran was inspired one evening by a startling image on the news depicting a food shortage in Ethiopia. Looking at her own child and looking at the malnourished infant in the photograph, Josette had an epiphany – not only does something need to be done, but we finally can do something thanks to the modern technology and communications systems we have available to us.

Now that Sheeran has transitioned from the private sector to her position at the WFP, she is working to convince others that a solution to world hunger is feasible.  Fundraising and campaigning for the WFP is no walk in the park, but Josette has been able to successfully channel her economic background into garnering support from the private sector, resulting in an increase of funding for WFP programs from $7 million in 2007 to $150 million in 2010.

Josette’s epiphany and the years of dedicated work reminds us that you never know where your career will go or what cause will reach out and grab you! Stay aware and informed and your own moment of inspiration is sure to follow.

For more information on Josette Sheeran, read her profile on here:


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