“Adjusting” or genuinely grieving?

26 Jul

Living in the DC area, it’s impossible to avoid running into expats working for one of the hundreds of international organizations located in the region. What we don’t see as often, however, is their children. Not much is said about the children of the world’s working nomads, and many assume that they must just “get used” to their peculiar living situation.  However, while they may be immersed with other kids their age at a summer camp or at school, it is often very difficult to guage how comfortable they really are in their new surroundings.

In a recent article on the Children’s Mental Health Network website titled “The Trouble with Third Culture Kids,” local author and workshop leader Nina Sichel discusses the serious emotional effects that frequent international relocation can have on children. According to Sichel and mental health expert Ruth Van Reken, the nomadic lifestyle lived by some children can generate a type of hidden grief that may manifest itself later on in life.

To read Nina’s enlightening article, click here: http://www.cmhnetwork.org/media-center/morning-zen/the-trouble-with-third-culture-kids

To learn more about Nina’s work in the field of Third Culture Kids, follow this link to her facebook page!


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