What We’re Reading

24 Jul

Today’s “What We’re Reading” is a trip down memory lane and a wonderful reminder of why we’re never too old for children’s books!

For starters, our Americorps Outreach Coordinator, Perri Weldy, is revisiting her childhood by reading Peter Pan with her little cousin.  Here’s her take on returning to one of her favorite classics: “Peter Pan is one of my all-time favorite books- I love the innocence of Peter and how the book really gets the reader to start thinking as a child. I love the exciting adventures of Peter and Wendy throughout her stay in Neverland, but I can also sympathize with her longing to return home to her nursery and parents. I’ve always loved the idea of staying young forever and never growing up, but we all know, as Wendy learns, that we all must grow up someday. I hope that my cousin realizes that even though we must all grow up, we can still remain adventurous and youthful at heart.”

Meanwhile, our Americorps Development Manager Alexandra Standal is making her way for the first time through the Harry Potter series, proving that you don’t have to be Hogwarts-age to appreciate the series’ lovable characters and exciting plot twists.  Just like Peter Pan, the 7-book series is full of life lessons that practically anyone could benefit from!

So what are you waiting for?  Summer is the perfect time to raid closets, storage boxes and trunks for a favorite children’s book.  Just because you’ve read it one hundred times already, doesn’t mean you won’t find something new the 101st time over!


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