What We’re Reading

17 Jul

For this week’s “What We’re Reading,” we’d like to highlight a travel blog featuring far-away locations and an author close to our heart at EWI.

For those of you who don’t know Shannon Lynberg, she’s a pretty big deal.  Within the first few years of moving into her new home in DC, Shannon had already co-founded a nonprofit, found a volunteer position at the DC Rape Crisis Center and started work with us as EWI’s Program Manager. After several successful years in DC, Shannon is currently following her dream of working abroad.

Just like our many graduates, this empowered woman is embracing her wings, broadening her horizon, and blogging about her adventures along the way!  With the final destination set for Malaysia, 2 Travel Everywhere follows Shannon and her boyfriend Eric as they road trip around North America, backpack through Israel, Jordan and Eastern Europe, work for a teaching certificate in Istambul and finally arrive at their new home.  The journey doesn’t end in Malaysia of course – the two explorers will continue to travel around Asia in order to reach their goal of 50 countries in 5 years. 

The good news for us?  Even if we don’t get to partake in the sandy beaches and exotic cuisine, Eric is a an acomplished photographer and videographer, so we’re anticipating some incredible photos.


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