Dilma Rousseff – Leader, Mother, Vanguard of Change

16 Jul

It’s Monday and we needed a little extra inspiration to get going- thank goodness for women like Dilma!

Have you ever been in the tricky situation of having to fire or suspend someone?  Have you ever been in that position within your first year at a totally new job?  Well Brazil’s first woman president has, and she has a much more transparent government to show for it.  After being elected as president of Brazil in 2010, Dilma Rousseff began her campaign for open, honest politics by dismissing 5 cabinet ministers and dozens of other government officials suspected of corruption.  On top of that, her recent freedom of information law promises the publication of government salaries and other important spending information.

Not only is Ms. Rousseff working to shed light on the inner political workings of the country, but she also started a campaign (Light for All) during her time as Minister of Mines and Energy to bring electricity to residents living outside of Brazil’s cities.  The program is now being promoted by the United Nations as a model for the delivery of electricity to poor and rural households.

EWI would like to highlight Dilma Rousseff as a brave, hardworking woman and we encourage you to learn more about Ms. Rousseff and her country!

For more information:

BBC Country Profile: Brazil

The Economist on politics in Brazil


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