It’s Friday! Give your brain a rest!

13 Jul

We at EWI would like to spread the TGIF spirit today with a series of blogs that promise an interesting, informative read without threatening to use up what’s left of our mental energy.  So grab your favorite snack, find a comfy chair and browse away!


A very simple concept with surprisingly gratifying results, Listverse is an almost-endless database of top 10 lists with topics ranging from the New Testament to fast food to “Great Overlooked Comedies.”  Not surprisingly, there’s even a list of the most popular lists- and you may be surprised at which ones made the cut!

Free Range Kids

Written by mother and public speaker Lenore Skenazy, this is a WordPress blog dedicated to “common sense parenting in uncommonly overprotective times.”  The posts typically involve a bizarre new legislation or rule on child safety contributed by a reader.  Even if you’re not a parent, Skenazy’s blog has the power to distract for hours with its witty commentary and its “They did WHAT?” appeal.


Whether you have a birthday coming up soon or five minutes to kill before a meeting, is certainly worth a visit.  Unlike other blogs featuring the weirder products available on online craft marketplaces, this blog highlights some of the best of what has to offer.  And who knows, you may see something from our shop featured some day!

And speaking of blogs, don’t forget to submit you questions for our new “Mondays with Marga” series via email at!


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