Passion is the Source of Energy. It is when you do everything with passion that you live fully

2 Jul

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the first edition of what will be an ongoing series of posts on our beloved Marga Fripp, the Founder and President of Empowered Women International.  While some of you may have read her bio and seen her speak at events, there is more to the dynamic Fripp than the incredible work she does for women entrepreneurs.

Ask any of EWI’s current interns – this is one empowered woman with great advice and some wonderful quirks.

Or better yet, ask Marga!  That’s what the EWI interns did this month, and we were impressed and surprised by the answers!

Q) How do you keep yourself constantly energetic and empowered?

A) I often tell people that my mantra is that “I love what I do and I do what I love.” It is when you do everything with passion, when you believe in what you do that you live fully. Passion is the source of energy for me. I never, or perhaps rarely do things just to have them done. I do it fully, or I don’t.

My personal philosophy is rooted in Taoism, and it emphasizes living in harmony with Tao. Tao is the “way”, “path” or “principle”.  I draw inspiration and energy from the little things in life; the things that are often forgotten or taken for granted. Picking up a beautiful leaf from the ground after a stormy weather, stopping to smell the flowers and watching the bees work hard for their honey, planting new seeds in the spring, reading poetry, or making art out of scrap paper – all fill me with a renewed sense of purpose and oneness.

Aside of the meditative part of me, I gain energy by dancing, jumping rope, hiking, cooking, and gardening.

Q) What’s your favorite kind of weather?

A) Gosh! I grew up in Romania where the summers are oven-hot and the winters are freezing-cold. Because of this (and many other dramatic changes in my life) I became very adaptive to any environment or climate changes.

However, I love cooler weather and breezy days. These are times when I am in my garden, digging in the soil to seed new plants, harvesting fresh lavender or basil, or picking fresh vegetables for a homemade salad.

Q) If you were a superhero, what would your superhero name be?

A) Oh, this is a fun one. For years I believed I was Zorro!

It all started with a birthday wish when I was 10 years old. I was tired of seeing my younger brother ordered around by older kids. We grew up without a father, and I often felt the responsibility of protecting my family. After I watched Zorro, one of my favorite movies, I wished to become like Zorro.

The wish turned real in my 10 year old mind. When I saw not only my little brother getting in trouble with older boys, but many other kids, I realized it was time to bring out Zorro.  So, I made myself a mask, a cape and a sword – and I started to solve neighborhood problems 🙂

I have been very fortunate not to forget my childhood wish and throughout my life to find ways to make my voice count, and give voice to those seeking justice.

Q) What do you wish you knew more about?

A) So many things… I wish I knew more about my family roots. My great-grandmother who I was very closed to had a fascinating, yet very difficult life.

Her first husband, my great-grandfather, who I have never met, worked for the Royal Family of Romania before WWII. I remember some of the stories she had told me as a child, and many are war stories filled with life lessons, losses and wisdom grown from tough experiences. Later, she married the great-grandfather who I loved as a child. He built brick homes for wealthy people, but eventually lost his vision in an accident and not being able to earn, he became a beggar. He spend the money he begged to buy milk and bread every day for my younger brother and I, and he often gave me a quarter to save for a winter coat…

Because of all this that I know, and everything else I don’t know about my great-grandparents and my past, and I would to spend some time unearthing history and making new memories about these incredible people that are my family.

*The “Monday with Marga” series will be published on the first Monday of every month and will feature questions submitted by YOU!  If you have a question you’d like to ask, simply email it to by the 20th of the previous month (ex. send in a question for August 6th on July 19th).  EWI would like to encourage readers to focus on topics relevant to our mission (such as empowerment, business development and leadership) as well as personal (and appropriate) questions.


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