Great Opportunity for EWI Artists

8 Jun

by Lanyapi

Are you an artist who designs clothing, handbags, accessories, or jewelry? Nana, a DC based boutique, values things that are made creatively with a unique design perspective. They are always on the hunt for new and cutting edge designers and know it can be a huge leap to start selling in a retail space. In order to assist start-up fashion designers and for our shop to stock the newest of ideas, they’ve developed an Emerging Designer Program.

by Lanyapi

Vendors who are accepted into the program will have their designs featured in Nana’s shop for 2 months and will receive 50% of the revenue from the sales of their designs. They will advertise your line with Facebook, Twitter, on our website, as well as to our press contacts and extensive email list. Select vendors will have a small meet and greet so that you can meet interested customers. Emerging Designers will be in charge of designing, funding and manufacturing of all of their own designs. Also, if your submissions are clothing, each piece must come in a full run of sizes.

To Apply:

  •     Email Nana photos of at least 6 of your designs.
  •     Send a small bio about you and your background.
  •     Name your line and explain your inspiration.
  •     Submit designs and information to: with “EMERGING DESIGNER” in the subject line.
  • Vist their application site to learn more!

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