Ma Lizzies – Featured Artist: Elizabeth

7 Jun

Elizabeth came to the U.S. from Ghana twenty years ago, and has been involved in
baking for much of that time. She is a pastry chef and cake decorator and has trained
in fondant and gum-paste decorating techniques.

For fourteen years, she worked with Giant Supermarkets, completing her training and
expanding her skills. Now, she is ready to open her new business, Ma Lizzie’s Cakes and Catering, specializing in traditional Ghanian sweets as well as delicious gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, and egg-free cakes and pastries designed for people who have special food requirements.

Elizabeth came to EWI to learn about starting a business and to secure financial

“I have learned a lot about the things I need to do in order to open and run a successful business,” she writes. “I got a lot of mentoring encouragement, information, and resources… to move my business along. The training I got from EWI has made me more assertive, confident and sure about opening and running my own successful business.”

Written by Nina Sichel


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