Flavors of India- Artist Feature: Doler

2 Jun

When Doler and her husband moved to the United States in 1980, they decided to go into business together, and they opened their first Indian restaurant in Baltimore.  A second restaurant soon followed, and another, and over time they had opened several.

An accomplished chef, Doler continues to work in the restaurant and, because so many people want to learn Indian cooking and have asked her to teach them, she is also branching out in another direction.  Her new venture, to be called Flavors of India, will provide, as she states, “Indian culinary classes which transport one’s taste buds and their senses to different parts of India.”

Doler has a fine arts degree in structural and textile design, but she felt she needed the sort of entrepreneurial training that EWI provides in order to grow her businesses and better market her services.  As she says, “I was blind, and going any which way, a hodge-podge.  I am an artist, and needed business know-how.”  She is especially grateful to EWI for teaching her how to access the information she needs to get the results she wants.

“I am glad I joined EWI,” she writes, “It’s been a great eye-opener for me; it has shown me all the possibilities I can have by pursuing my career.  I have gained a wonderful support system.  The organization helped me regain my self-confidence and helped me recognize my worth.  The mentors who visited EWI sessions were very knowledgeable and genuinely helpful.”

Written by Nina Sichel


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