Meet EWI’s Spring 2012 Entrepreneur Graduates!

23 May
Meet EWI’s Spring 2012 Entrepreneur Graduates!

Addie Gail, US

Business: The Gail Consulting Group, a women owned consulting firm providing tailor-made services for businesses

What Addie says…

“I love EWI not for what it teaches about business and the pursuit thereof, but for how as individuals we are going thru this program with different types of businesses born from different cultures and experiences and we have and are bonding together. Encouraging and supporting each other! love it!”

Aida Mady, Egypt
Business:  Cooking and Beyond, a cookbook of Egyptian recipes and its influences from history, culture, family heritage, religion, social life, and humanity.
What Aida says….
“EWI is a good way to help others and myself in establishing a career. ETS is a perfect way to make us discovering our abilities to go forward with our dream. ETS classes, is a deep learning experience and good exposure to other aspects needed in order to transform a vision to a reality.”

Azeb Y. Tesfaye, Ethiopia 

Business: Liyu Trading

Shares the culture of Ethiopia by way of selling Ethiopian Handcrafts

What Azeb says…

“EWI is a lot to me. I don’t know how I can put it just in 2 or 3 sentences but it is a place where I found Confidence, Information, Guidance, Courage, Help, Love, Friends and so on.”

Clementine Simmons, US

Business: Clementin’s Floral Designs

Custom floral silk arrangements

What Clementine says …

“Empowered Women International has given me the tools to implement the business aspect of my floral designing talent.  I had not thought about things such as: who is my target market. I did not have a good handle on pricing my products, branding, business plan, and marketing strategies to name a few things… At EWI, I am surrounded by like-minded women who have a talent that they want to market into a business, and we encourage one another to be successful. EWI is just like a body, there are many parts, each part has its own function, but the parts work together to obtain success. I am delighted that the Lord gave me this opportunity.”

Carole Robertson-Fenn, US


An educational cultural exchange non-profit for students and teachers

What Carole says…

“EWI mentors were my sounding board to help me focus and articulate my business plan. They gave me a team of advisors to help me hash out a viable,small business strategy.  They also helped me with any areas of business development I needed to help me get my non-profit started.”

Denisse Rodriguez, US

Business: Fireworks

A live events, art gallery, and production studio

Doler Shah, India

Business:  Flavors of India

Indian culinary classes which transport ones taste buds and their senses to different parts of India

What Doler says…

“EWI has been a great eye opener for  me, it has shown me all the possibilities I can have by pursuing my career.The different specialists that came to assist us were a great help as well. The organization helped me regain my self confidence, and help me recognize my worth.”

Ebony Howard, US 

Business:  Nails for Males

Hand and nail care exclusively for men

What Ebony says…

“EWI has taught me how to totally think about every aspect of starting a business. The resources for every step of the business plan were well thought out, have been honest, reliable, and informative. I regret missing two classes; the time spent with my classmates, mentors, and instructors has been priceless. “

Elizabeth Coker, Ghana   

Business: Ma Lizzie’s Cakes and Catering

Gluten free, sugar free, dairy free and egg free cakes and pastries. These products are geared towards those with food allergies or dietary needs like diabetics and people who have Celiac disease.

What Elizabeth says…

Since coming to EWI, I have regained my confidence and enthusiasm. I have learned a lot about the things I need to do in order to open and run a successful business. Also, not only did I learn a lot about myself but I rediscovered the passion in other talents I forgot I had. So I know that with the training I received from EWI, I can open and run a successful business which will in turn give back to the community.”

Jane Smith, US

Business: Still Sassy LLC

Coaching, classes and workshops to help women renew and relaunch after battling life-threatening diagnosis

What Jane says …

“I have dreamed of Still Sassy since my mastectomy…3 years ago.  It’s concept continually inspired me but it was fuzzy around the edges and I often felt like I was swimming up river without a paddle.  Today, because of EWI, I have clarity, focus, drive, a solid engine and an inticing voyage ahead of me.  EWI provided a safe, supportive and SMART place to help me build and launch my next journey…I will forever be indebted to my classmates and to your staff, mentors and graduates. “

Jennifer Halsey, US

Business: Edible Tours

Culinary Tour Guide Service

What Jennifer says…

“EWI has given me the push I needed to realize my dream of building my own business. EWI’s program of instruction along with mentoring from past program participants and the business community have provided the support and encouragement I needed.  “

Kelley Smith, US  

Business:  Style Smiths

Style consulting services to image aware, goal oriented, and successful professionals in the DC area

What Kelley says…

“EWI is truly a great program.  It has allowed me to gain valuable knowledge on what it takes to plan, operate, and manage a successful business that I would not have had the opportunity to learn without their team of extremely knowledgeable women and their network of business owners, financial advisors,social media experts, and attorneys.  I have gained a network of empowered women. “

LaDon Love James, US

Business: Lens and Love Photography

Photography Services

What LaDon says…

“As a result of being a part of EWI, I have received the support, encouragement, tools and accountability to further develop a solid foundation in which to begin my business.  With the help of the facilitators, trainers, mentors and coaches provided, I have begun to create the materials and systems to build a strong business.  I expect to stay connected with EWI Family beyond my Spring 2012 course.  “


Mariam Mohamed, Tanzania

Business: Bahari Deco Crafts

Fashion and home textile accessories from Kanga cloth

Pilar Ortiz, Columbia

Business: Portable Art Impressions

Fine Art and Stylish Art Covers Protection for Computers, i-Phones and other Electronic Devices

What Pilar says…    

“EWI gave me the opportunity to established business from my own talent. The program provided knowledge, information, focus and organization.  I’m so happy with the help the  organization has been giving me, specialty the trainers, staff and mentors, and all the great people who collaborated to develop my business ideas and empower me.”


Sabrina Haritos, US

Business: Astro Artistry by Ourania

Custom Astrological Sign Jewelry

What Sabrina says… 

“EWI had taught me that going into business for myself doesn’t mean I have to go it alone. I know that there is a group of women out there supporting me. They have also helped me gain greater confidence in my skills as a businesswoman by believing in me, and by helping me feel good about promoting myself as a business owner and artist.”

Satyani McPherson, US

Business: Kozmique Light Media

Spiritually conscious media and live events that inspire participants to live their best life from the inside out.

Tammie Archie, US

Business: WellFitU

Fitness Center and Roller Rink

What Tammie says…

“EWI, has encouraged me to stay motivated and focused on reaching my goals, and it has provided an awesome social support network which helped me to continue to strive for and achieve my business goals!”

Valerie Fair, Germany

Business: Mother Earth Enterprises

Educates and empowers individuals to create and eco-friendly lifestyle

What Valerie says…

“EWI has lead me on a journey of self-discovery, through education, mentoring and empowerment, “The Entreprenuer Training for Success” classes allowed me to gain a clear vision and realization of what I want to change in my own life as well as what I can do to change the world we live in. One person can make a difference in a community, but a community as a whole can make a significant impact across the world. I learned how to market my business, how to budget my personal life as well as my business and how important it is to make goals and write down the steps I need to take to accomplish them. I am confident in myself and grateful for all the encouragement, guidance and support I received from not only the staff at EWI, but my amazingly talented classmates as well. Last night I finally got my 1st client, who is a member of EWI, and I am very excited to work with her in obtaining the Montgomery County Green Business Certification, it will be a great experience for the both of us!”


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