Thank You, EWI!

21 May

Thank you EWI for empowering me!

​My experience as a Micro-Enterprise Marketing Intern at Empowered Women International (EWI) was the best present in my life. I have accomplished more than just the completion of an internship – I say I have been empowered.


​My major responsibilities were to develop an online marketing plan and social media campaign to promote EWI online store and to assist in maintaining the store. I learned real work by developing my knowledge learned in class in a real business and improved my potential ability. Among the jobs I did over the course of the semester, the most memorable one was creating the Facebook Tagging Event, which was all through my hands. I strongly believe that this internship at EWI provided me a great chance to develop my professional skills for achieving a long term goal in my career.


​Every day, I enjoyed working at EWI as it was not only work, but happy events. I could meet empowered women from many different countries and they inspired me to become an empowered woman myself. I had so many different experiences like Open House, Staff Retreat, or even the many birthday parties with cupcakes. There are a lot of good memories from EWI and every moment with EWI still stands out in my memory.


​I consider myself as a lucky student to work with people at EWI, as they were really friendly, supportive, and considerate with open minds. They stood behind me and trusted me with a wide variety of tasks. I enjoyed being involved with EWI and the time I spent as the Micro-Enterprise Marketing Intern.


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