Pinterest: Where is it now?

21 May

When Pinterest arrived on the scene, nobody was quite sure what it was, how it was going to be used, or even who would be using it. Spring Social Media Intern, Emily, wrote about Pinterest, her obsession with it and how it is a great tool for business owners to promote their products. Fast forward a few months later and Pinterest has climbed to become the third most popular social media site with over 17 million users


The site isn’t just for individuals to use- companies have begun promoting their image and products through boards, news channels have gotten their name and stories out there, and the site is being used to promote causes and promotions that various organizations are having. I found a list that has the top 10 corporations using Pinterest. It breaks down how they use it and why they’re successful doing what they’re doing. Even if you aren’t a multi-million dollar corporation, you can look at the strategies they use and tweak them to fit your needs.

Brunette woman on computer

The final lesson in all of this is that social media can change overnight and the nature of technology and the Internet is to adapt to the demands of the consumer. You never know where a new website or application can go- just look at Pinterest. As a small business owner or someone learning to use all of the current tools and platforms available, it is a great idea to study the trends and always be learning about how you can use the newest craze to your professional advantage.


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