Google Docs

16 May

Have any of you ever been a part of the frustrating chain of events known as a group project? You divvy up the work, everyone does their own piece, but at a certain point, towards the end of the project, all organization goes out the door. You’re e-mailing spreadsheets back and forth, making edits and then resending. Same with worksheets, handouts, and the presentation itself. Version 2 gets confused with version 20, and before you know it, everything is all mixed up and confused.

The geniuses over at Google figure out a way to circumvent all of that hysteria. By creating a document on Google Docs, you can save your work to the Google Cloud and invite multiple editors. Then, everyone can edit and update 1 document in real time, erasing the need for multiple copies.

Another beautiful thing about Google Docs is that, since your work is saved online, it can be accessed from anywhere that has an Internet connection. This means you don’t have to lug around your laptop, or even worry about keeping track of a flash drive. You also eliminate the risk of losing your work in a computer crash.

You can also upload exsisting documents into Google Docs, but make sure to pay attention to your formatting. I’ve noticed that some of my power point presentations that look beauitful in Power Point need a little bit of fixing up when I upload them to Google Docs. Nothing to fret about, just something to be aware of. As with every Google product, make sure that you have reviewed your privacy settings and that you are familiar with their privacy policy.


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