Artist Item of the Week: Set of Three Hand Illustrated Indian Blank Notecards

15 May

The Artist Item(s) of the Week are three notecards featuring an original black and white design by Uttara Mazumdar. Illustrations depict memories from Uttara’s childhood in India.  Themes showcase young woman making offerings to a Hindu goddess, Hindu goddesses, young women doing daily chores.

Uttara Mazumdar is a retired research scientist. She makes drawings of scenes she remembers from her childhood in India. You can find more of Uttara’s drawings at

EMPOWERED WOMEN INTERNATIONAL: EWI is a non-profit organization that helps immigrant and refugee women in the Greater DC Metro area integrate, participate as new citizens, and become self-sufficient by using the arts as an economic driver and a catalyst for social and cultural integration. All of the work available in the EWI Etsy Shop is handmade by our members or supporting artists. Learn more at

Purchase these notecards (and others) at our Etsy shop. Make sure to use the coupon code THISWEEKEWI to receive 15% off your purchase!


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