Let’s Hang Out!

14 May


Google+ still seems the be figuring out exactly where they fit into the whole social networking landscape. One thing that they do incredible well, though, is the Hangout.

Google+ hangouts are excellent for video conferencing with multiple people all at the same time. As you can see from the above picture, the way that these hangouts are formatted is that the person who is speaking is at the top. Then, when someone else begins to speak, they become the big picture, with all other participants at the bottom. You can always share Google Docs, Slideshows, and Charts within a Google+ Hangout. You can Take notes, play a game, even sketch a picture.

I’ve used Google+ Hangouts to communicate with alumni groups. We’re all at least 2 hours from one another, and we all have busy schedules, so setting a time to meet in person just didn’t see reasonable. In our Google+ hangout, however, we were able to edit our mission statement, review our alumni database, and communicate with about 10 members all at the same time.



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