Hoot Hoot!

7 May


Sometimes, social media can be overwhelming. Remembering 5 different logins, password, schedules, where and where you haven’t posted today – it can all get a bit cumbersome. Add the “social” element of social media – replying and retweeting – and, well, it can all get down right impossible!

That’s where sites like hootsuite come in. They allow you to integrate all of your social media sites into 1 platform, with different tabs for each account. You can schedule posts ahead of time, allowing thoughtful spacing. You can also track mentions, replies, retweets, the works. You an ALSO run all sorts of analytical reports on your social media activity, have multiple users, and track trends. It’s almost like having a personal assistant, all for your social media needs.

We use Hootsuite for some of our social media needs, and it has proven to be very useful. Our social media intern can sit down, and in the course of an afternoon, create all of our tweets, Facebook posts, and blog posts for a month (or more!). It’s a real time saver, and it makes analyzing our activity very eay.

But, there are down sides. While a basic account is free, any real, hardcore analytical evaluation will cost you something (the same goes for adding a team member to your account). There are also limits to the types of accounts you can add to Hootsuite. Tumblr, for example, is not on the Hootsuite list. Also, while it is great for pre-creating posts, you still have to attend to your followers, making sure that you’re actually being social (this is more of an observation than a complaint, after all, being social is the whole point of social media, is it not?).

Have you ever used a social media optimization platform, such as Hootsuite? What do you think?


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