We’ve Reached $2,500!!!

2 May

Thanks to your generous donations we have reached $2,500!!! To thank you for your help in achieving this goal, we have entered everyone who has donated thus far into a drawing to win this beautiful silk floral arrangement!

Silk Floral Arrangement

This floral arrangement was created by Clementine Simmons, owner of Fruit of the Spirit Floral Designs. Clementine is a current ETS student. She has 10 years of experience in creating unique and individualized bouquets and displays for weddings, anniversary celebrations, and special events, as well as for homes and offices. Clementine adds a personal touch to all her artistic creations, incorporating the customers desires into every arrangement. To learn more about Clementine please visit our prize blog page https://ewintblog.wordpress.com/spring2action-gifts-and-prizes/ .

Now the moment you have all been waiting for….the winner of this gorgeous arrangement is Ruth M. Bennett!!! Congratulations Ruth and thank you for your donation!

Also a big thank you to Clementine for her fantastic donation!

Please continue to check in, we have lots more prizes that we will be giving away throughout the day.

We’re currently in 2nd place with 80 donors and we’ve raised $3,104!


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