ONE More Empowered Woman = ONE More Empowered Man

2 May

We’re still in the office! A few volunteers, the 2 staff members, some brave empowered men, and the cleaning crew – all on the top of the world making phone calls and emailing our friends and supporters 🙂

The race is still on until midnight, so do we. Thank you so much for being the most supportive community ever!

Here is were we are … We’re in 2nd place for the organization with the most donors and $9,321 raised! We’re also in 2nd place with our EWI RED TEAM and could still go up to 1st place. Not bad at all, but we need help to stay strong and in the lead!

 Donate TONIGHT between 8-9 PM, and WIN

  • Kelley’s style consultation (valued $145)
  • Brunch for 2 at Taverna Cretekou: Greek restaurant in Old Town Alexandria

 Make a tax-deductible donation now of $10 or more to turn that $10 into $10K!

As a little fun thank you for your donation, here is something to make laugh this evening…

The film is created by one of our amazing artist volunteers, Eric Broussard-Bueno.

ONE More Empowered Woman = ONE More Empowered Man

Will you be the ONE to help us win? Visit the live leader board at  Spring2ACTion to see how we’re doing and cheer us on!

Send this message to your family and friends on email and social media, and ask them to support EWI.

Many thanks for your generosity, donation and continued support. Together, we change the lives of thousands of women and families.



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