16 Donations Between 6-7pm! – Two More Great Prizes!

2 May

Wow! Between 6pm and 7pm 16 individuals donated to support EWI during Spring2ACTion!

Thank you!

We have two special prizes for our donors who generously donated between the hours of 6pm and 7pm.

First up, we have a beautiful Kanga cloth from Tanzania! This floral printed Kanga cloth was donated by Mariam, a native of Tanzania and current student in Entrepreneur Training for Success Spring 2012.

Kanga fabric, a rectangular cotton, has three characteristics: it has border design called Pindo, a main body in the middle called Mji (town), and Ujumbe (message). Kanga is a wearable cloth that conveys messages to others depending on the design and the way it is worn.

The Kanga cloth goes to…. David Katz!

Up next we have another beautiful colored-pencil drawing by Doler! Doler, a native of India and current Entrepreneur Training for Success Spring 2012 student, has graciously donated this original portrait drawing.

The winner of Doler’s drawing is…. Barbara J. Williamson!

Congrats to our two winners and many thanks to everyone who has donated to EWI today! Keep checking back for more updates and raffle winners throughout the evening!

Are you the ONE to make a difference?


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