Loris – Marketing Lab Volunteer!

30 Apr

Marketing Boot Camp and EWI

Since the first moment I heard about Empowered Women International I knew this was a project I was very interested in and one that I would enjoy. I can relate to the women immigrants in several levels: first of all, I am a woman. I am from Mexico, and even though I am currently in the United States under a Non-Immigrant Visa, I am not an American citizen; therefore I have something else in common with the people EWI works with. Finally, something that I enjoy a lot is making arts and crafts; I like making jewelry, sewing, painting and drawing, among other things. So what a better match than EWI? As I continued learning about EWI, I got even more excited about interacting with and helping the women from the Entrepreneur Training for Success (ETS) program.

On Saturday, April 14th the day finally came when a group of interns from The Washington Center and I were going to spend the morning helping the women from EWI. A few days before this, we got brief biographies of the women we were going to be working with. I read Addie Gail’s information and was immediately inspired by her story. A small business consultant, Addie has been fighting hard throughout her life to succeed; not letting obstacles stop her from reaching her goals. When I met her, Addie seemed very enthusiastic and eager to work with me. This motivated me even more to start learning more about her and helping her with whatever she needed.

We briefly introduced each other and I asked Addie to tell me more about her life and her career. When she talked about her work I could tell that she was passionate about it and also very knowledgeable. She wanted help editing her biography and preparing it for an important meeting she was going to have during the week. Addie mentioned she won an award in 2003 which she was not sure if she should include or not. I encouraged her to put it in, since she should be proud of her achievements. We both worked on her biography and whenever we did not exactly agree on something, we would talk about it and listen to each other’s opinion. I thought it was a very interactive
session in which we both worked on her document together (great teamwork!).

After editing and formatting her biography we switched to her business cards; this was a quick task since she already had a previous design. We moved things around a little and added some information. Once we were done, we were pretty satisfied with the final results.

Working with Addie and attending the Marketing Boot Camp with the women from EWI was a great experience and, if I was staying in D.C., I would definitely continue volunteering with them.

Loris is a senior studying marketing at ITESM University in Mexico, where she’s from. She is currently an intern at the Trust for the National Mall through The Washington Center. At the Trust, she works with the development team, particularly with corporate sponsorships, preparing for the Annual Benefit Luncheon and Ball on the Mall.


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