Hannah – Marketing Lab Volunteer!

30 Apr

At the EWI marketing lab, on April 14th, I worked with Sabrina and Doler.  Both women wanted to start small businesses and needed assistance with social media platforms and various professional resources.  Coming into the Marketing Lab, I wasn’t sure I would be able to help out or be able to give advice that would be applicable.   However, very soon into it I realized that all of my education and experience would be very helpful with what they needed.

First, I helped Sabrina.  She is working towards launching a business in which she creates customized birth chart necklaces that come with charts that explain the necklace meaning.  Sabrina and I hit it off right away and immediately began bouncing ideas off of each other.  After making a list of everything she wanted to get done, I helped Sabrina create a Twitter account, a Pinterest account, a Facebook account, and helped her link her Pinterest account to her Etsy store so that people who found her products on Pinterest would be able to go directly to her Etsy store and purchase it.

We also worked on creating a little statement that she could place on all of her sites and business cards to help her brand the product better.  The knowledge that she had of astrology and the zodiac was fascinating and listening to her explain learning how she created the necklaces with their individual charts that explained what the placement of the beads meant was captivating.

The second woman I worked with, Doler, had a slightly different business path. Instead of selling a product, she wanted to sell her talent and start cooking classes.  She was looking to rewrite her artist statement and do so in a way that really emphasized all of her expertise relating to her new business venture.  After we rewrote her artist statement, we began organizing her resume so that it showed off her cooking skills and related experience. As the owner of several restaurants and food, she has had several different careers and really knows and loves vegetarian Indian cuisine. I loved talking to Doler about her accomplishments, her interests, and hearing about how her restaurant operated and the kinds of food that she makes.  She had so many stories to share and I can’t wait to be able to take cooking classes from her, I am sure that they will be fantastic.

The entire day was amazing and it felt great to be able to use the skills and knowledge that I have developed while in school and interning to help Sabrina and Doler achieve their goals.  I hope to stay in touch with both women and see their future successes.  I also look forward to more opportunities to work with EWI at their events.

I am from Pennsylvania and a junior Communication Studies/Political Science double major at Furman University, located in South Carolina.  I came to DC through The Washington Center (TWC).  As well as volunteering with EWI, I am currently an intern at Book Hill Partners, which is a DC-based public relations firm. I’m interested in all aspects of the field of Communications and Media and have had a great time in DC this semester developing my professional skills through TWC.


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