Diana – Marketing Lab Volunteer!

27 Apr

To use my knowledge and skills in social media and marketing to help others is the goal
I had when I decided to volunteer for Empowered Women International. When I heard
they were in need of volunteers to help for their Marketing Lab, which involved strong
women with goals of launching businesses, I jumped at the opportunity. My experience
as a volunteer for the Marketing Lab was remarkable and I gained a lot of knowledge
from the two ladies I worked with as well as learned how my skills can be put to great

Elizabeth is the first person I worked with at the Marketing Lab. She is from Ghana
and worked as a baker for many years. After being laid off from her job as head baker
at Giant, she decided that she wanted to launch her own bakery called Ma Lizzies.
Elizabeth’s goal was not to have a typical bakery, but one that caters to people with
special dietary needs, such as people who are diabetic, lactose intolerant and those with
celiac disease. She wanted to make baking items that could be enjoyed by everyone.
Her idea started when she became very health conscious and saw the high rate of people
with celiac disease. When working with Elizabeth, our primary goal was to put together
a marketing and business plan that she could share with others. We started off with
defining her mission statement, she wanted to make sure her mission statement showed
that she catered to everyone even those without special dietary needs. We worked
together to craft a message that would show her abilities as a baker and showcase her
reason for starting the company. Elizabeth is very passionate about opening up her
own bakery, she explained to me all the necessary steps and work she put into making
sure her goal is able to be accomplished. The best part of my experience with Elizabeth
was hearing her thoughts on life and how even through her hard times, she continues to
appreciate life and to strive for more different opportunities.

The next person I worked with at the Marketing Lab was Chantel. Chantel is originally
from New York but decided to move to the Virginia area. Chantel is very passionate
about being eco-friendly and her goal is to launch a website called Creative Reuse. Her
idea involves showcasing recycled art and different ways to reuse recycling material.
When working with Chantel, our main focus was to brainstorm logo ideas because her
logo is going to be the brand for her website as well as if she decides to take the website
to another level. She wanted a logo that would standout and provide a clear message of
website content. This became a challenge because we wanted to make sure the logo did
not give the impression that her website was a typical site about recycling. We looked
through many clipart examples and played with Adobe InDesign to create possible logos
that would give her website an edge but still stress the importance of recycling. I truly
enjoyed working with Chantel, I loved hearing her reason for starting her website as well
as her ambition to accomplish her goals. I decided that I wanted to continue working
with Chantel throughout my timeframe in DC because I want to make sure her final logo
possesses the visions and ideas that she shared with me.

Working with these women was inspiring. I loved seeing how throughout their hard
times, they are taking chances regardless of the risk to accomplish their goals. Both of
them are not afraid to fail because they know its just another lesson learned and they
will continue to try again. After speaking with both of them, I am working to apply the lessons they have taught me into my life as I endure into this journey as a new college graduate. Empowered Women International’s Marketing Lab was a great experience and something I will forever cherish.



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