Carissa – Marketing Lab Volunteer!

27 Apr


When Jane and I did our introductions, we soon found out that we had more in common that we
expected. If you don’t know, I am from Minnesota and go to school there. Jane also went to school in
Minnesota when she was younger. It was like we had a connection before we even began the session.

Jane had such a warm personality, it was impossible not to be drawn to her and her business ideas.
Jane’s cancer survival story was really personal and I found it incredibly brave of her to be able to sit down with me and share her journey through the terrible disease.

Jane’s business plan to spread her message through writing, speaking, and personal coaching is a
unique idea that I think will be very beneficial to many women. I can see Jane being very successful
with her business because of the amount of apparent passion and energy she has for this cause. Jane encompasses such a great desire to help other women through life battles and I think others will find her message very rejuvenating.

The majority of our time was spent analyzing the business card she had designed. I got to see how it
had progressed to its current state and Jane explained to me what she hoped to accomplish through the card. I am so excited to see the final design and wording she comes up with to include on the card. The rest of the time was mainly spent on going over her business plan. It was clear that Jane had put a lot of thought and energy into the plan, and I was so inspired by her writing.

I left Jane’s session feeling extremely motivated, because even though I had not gone through her
struggle and I would never fully imagine how she had so much strength, she was able to pass her
positive outlook and kindness onto me in just the short time we spent together.


If ever anyone was organized and had a great sense of the fashion world, it would be Kelley. When Kelley described her style consultanting business to me I was absolutely awestruck. She had so much drive and ambition and it was clear that she was going to work hard to achieve her highest goals. Kelley is going to strive to become the best, and has no intention of settling for anything less.
I was so impressed with Kelley because of her ability to see where she wanted to be in the future. Kelley depicted a crystal clear image of who she wanted to be and what role her consulting business was going to have in her life. She had a great start on her business plan and I was happy to offer her assistance wherever it was needed.

With little knowledge of the fashion world, I initially felt overwhelmed by hearing all of Kelley’s experience. She had so much familiarity with color and clothing, but I found myself entirely engaged in our fashionista conversation. Since Kelley’s family has a history with style, her mom being a former model and her sister a current model , it was easy to understand how she got started. What amazed me the most was how effortlessly Kelley was able to talk to me about her dream. She seemed so confident in herself, and for this I greatly admire her.

I approached this bootcamp thinking I was going to be the teacher, that I would be the one sharing my knowledge with the women of EWI. Although I was able to offer advice about my area of expertise, I figured out that the bootcamp was an opportunity for me to learn too.  Not only did I learn to never ever wear the color pink to a job interview, I learned the importance of setting goals and working hard. I also learned how important it is to network in your field and to get in contact with others in order to spread your ideas even further.

Kelley was very proud to share with me her ideas for her business and I cannot wait to see where those ideas take her. I am really looking forward to see how her business transforms in the near future and plan to stay in touch with her. Who knows, I might need some fashion advice some day.

I am currently a student at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota in Winona, Minnesota. I am studying
Mass Communications. I will graduate next year with a double major in Public Relations and Electronic Publishing and a minor in Business. I spent the semester in Washington, D.C. as the Communications Intern for the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS), which is a part of the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC).


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