Alexi – Marketing Lab Volunteer!

26 Apr

During the Marketing Boot Camp, I had the pleasure of working with Edith for my first part of the morning. She was great, we immediately clicked and I felt like I had known her for awhile. We started out by talking about her vision and what she wanted to accomplish that day. After we chatted for awhile and I thought to myself, “we are going to need more time.”

She had great ideas and passion for what she wanted to do. We started the morning off by reviewing and going over her resume. She said she wanted to work on her resume because it was one of the hardest parts for her to do on her own, which I totally agreed with. I learned very quickly that she had excellent experience in her field and a lot to offer. We worked together, going through each section, trying to condense all of her information.

That took some time because Edith had to explain her previous experiences and what certain things meant in her field. It was so interesting to hear about her experiences with different organizations and the women she worked with. Some of the stories she told me were very hard to grasp but it only made me admire Edith and what she does more.

As Edith said, “My passion is helping people and helping women to have greater self-esteem.” She initially told me about her idea and what she wanted to do, but then added on to that with many different aspects that go along with her business plan. She has been a case manager with the homeless shelters in Washington, DC for many years and has grown to love what she does.

Her passion has taken her towards starting her own shelter, called “Symbas Place.” “Symbas” is the acronym for “serving your mind, body and spirit.” Edith hopes to use her experiences in human services to teach homeless women the steps they need to take in order to prepare them for job interviews and entering back into the workforce. Edith’s business would provide a variety of opportunities for women who need shelter, mentoring and professional coaching in order to succeed.

It is obvious, after spending little time with Edith how much she wants to make a difference and help the women around her to become independent, educated and successful. I hope Edith stays strong with enthusiasm and continues with her passion of helping to empower women currently living in homeless shelters throughout DC.

I had a great start to the Marketing Boot Camp and to continue, I had the delight of working with Carole in the afternoon and she was wonderful. Carole was a very determined and kind person to work with. We started our session off by learning more about each other and her goals she wanted to reach. Once again, I wish we would have had more time together.

Carole is looking towards expanding her current organization, The Global Development Network/iEd., into a registered non-profit. Carole explained to me that the Global Development Network/iEd is a network of international organizations and experts that provide international/ domestic development activities linked to school and university settings. Schools become the community hub for education, communication, and economic activity. Her goal is to strengthen academics and academic leadership, bolster entrepreneurship, prepare students for the global workplace, create sustainable schools, and increase tolerance.

We spent a lot of time going over Global Development Network/iEd. It took me awhile to fully understand what the organization was about and what Carole was trying to accomplish, but it is obvious that she knew what she wanted to do. She has everything figured out, but now it is time for her to make the big transition into a registered nonprofit. She also asked my opinion on her accomplished website. She thought it would be a good idea for me to read things and go through it because I am unfamiliar with the organization. We also briefly discussed her resume and what she included to showcase her skills.

Carole completely impressed me with all her ideas and past accomplishments. She seemed like the perfect person to start an organization like Global Development Network/iEd. She has already personally approached schools to help them develop virtually cultural exchanges with other schools. I feel like she is almost there with the success she has already had with the schools on board with Global Development Network/iEd. Now she needs to get the word out to people and other organizations that can help Carole complete her goal and bring her the success she deserves.

With her past experience, working with organizations like Global Development Network/iEd, she has the background and knowledge to know what is needed in order to be successful. I have faith that Carole is going to thrive in with her organization. She has all the skills to create her own business and be successful at it.

My name is Alexi. I am currently a junior at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota. I am majoring in public relations with a minor in art. I am pursuing a career in event planning and I am interested in the non-profit sector. This semester I have been interning with The Department of the Treasury in the Civil Rights and Diversity doing special emphasis programs. My title is the Special Events Intern and during my time here I have gained experience in many different aspects relevant to planning events. In my free time I like being outdoors and practicing healthy living activities. I thoroughly enjoy traveling and spending time with family and friends.


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