Afriqu’enjeux- The Africa Memory Game by Paulette

23 Apr

Afriqu’enjeux- The Africa Memory Game by Paulette

Challenge your knowledge of Africa by playing Afriqu’enjeux, The Africa Memory Game! The game guides its players through the different countries of Africa while offering trivia on African culture, history, and geography. Written bilingually in English and French. Great fun for the whole family!
Read below to find out why creator Paulette Mpouma designed the game!

100 Trivia Questions about the different regions of Africa
A board, 4 tokens, and 1 regular dice
Play money called “Hega”
Rules of the Game and Glossary of African terms
*Small parts not suitable for children under 3 years old.

The Africa Memory Game was created by Paulette Mpouma, a refugee from Cameroon. Paulette initially designed the game to educate her own children about the remarkable facts of the African continent, but soon realized her game was applicable to all children and their families. Paulette designed the game as a fun, interactive pastime that challenges its players on African trivia. Find out more about the game at Paulette’s website,

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