What We’re Reading

13 Apr

Don’t Be An April Fool: Back Up Your Blog

This post by Melissa at BlogHer shows us the importance (and ease!) of backing up our blogs. She says that we should be backing up our blogs at least once per month – a small task that I definitely think is worth the time – think of everything you would lose!

Balance and Work-at-Home Mom; Can It Be Attained?

 This post from Old School/New School Mom is an enlightening look into the daily joys and struggles of being a stay at work mom AND having a home office. If this sounds like you, we would love to hear your insight!

My Thoughts on Spending Money on My Blog

Very interesting post on how this blogger decides how and where to spend money on her blog. I found most interesting the fact that she herself purchases gift cards to give away, instead of seeking contributions.

Women Funding Women Open Door to Responsible Investing

 This post from Women 2.0 is about women investing in other women’s businesses. Win-Win is a business model that helps female entrepreneurs create their small businesses by target female investors. The loan sizes are small, but the impact is huge!


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