What’s App, Doc?

11 Apr

Smart phones are fun. Between the instant communication, being able to surf the web, and Words with Friends, it seems like there’s almost nothing that a smart phone can’t do. But they’re not just for fun; smart phones can be an excellent way to run your small business!

Apps (short for applications) are all the rage, app developers have caught onto just how lucrative they can be when marketed towards. Here is a list of apps you may want to consider downloading to help run your small business (BONUS: they’re all FREE!):

1) Etsy: Of course, we all love Etsy (check out the EWI Etsy Shop if you haven’t already). Now we can access Etsy on the go. Browse shops and keep up to date with the latest trends in handmade goods.

2) Extra Mile: With Tax Day rapidly approaching, we’re all looking for little ways to get those extra deductions. Extra Mile helps you track your mileage so that you can accurately record your business expenses.

3) Bump Pay: Say you’re out with a client/customer, and they want to pay you right then and there, but they only have a credit card. With bump pay, you can turn your smart phone into a credit card machine. Simply bump phones with your customer and you’ll be all settled (both phones must have the bump pay app)

4) Instagram: Instagram turns your smart phone’s camera into a high-tech point and shoot device. Apply different filters, focus in on your object, and then share instantly with your followers (you can connect via Twitter or Facebook). It’s a great way to immediately share pictures of your products!

5) Dropbox: Dropbox is an easy way to access all of your important files from wherever you are. Just upload your files to your dropbox, and then access them on the go from your phone or any other wireless device.

What other apps do you use for your small business?


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