Artist Item of the Week: Blue and Black Tartan Florette Headband with Pearl Accent by Tiffany

9 Apr

This beautiful headband with a blue and black tartan rosette is the perfect accessory for your little black dress!


Tiffany Carter, a fall 2011 graduate of EWI’s Entrepreneur Training for Success Program co-owns the “Thinking in Cups” boutique, an accessory and beauty care company dedicated to whimsy and fun. Each piece is handcrafted and has a story of its own! Tiffany’s line of beautiful handcrafted hair accessories is called Vesica’s Splendor.

Tiffany co-owns “Thinking in Cups” with Breann Whitcomb, another graduate of EWI’s ETS program. Tiffany stated: “At EWI, I was not only asked to learn to perform the technical tasks such as business planning, budgeting, marketing, etc., but I was asked to face my personal fears in order to grow and excel as a woman and a business owner. My most prized possession that I walk away with is a newly found confidence that I can carry with me in all areas of my life.” In less than three months, Tiffany and Bre developed a strong product line, a solid business plan, an online shop and marketing materials to promote their business. They are now networking with boutique owners, sell their work through EWI’s events and continue to work with EWI’s staff and mentors to develop effective marketing strategies.

Purchase this headband (and others) at our Etsy shop. Make sure to use the coupon code THISWEEKEWI to receive 15% off your purchase!


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