EWI at Fashion Fight’s Poverty’s Annual Gala!

4 Apr

On Saturday, EWI was invited to the Fashion Fights Poverty Dress Responsibly Gala. The FFP’s mission is to raise awareness for initiatives that encourage and support creative, effective, and sustainable means of challenging poverty. Dressing responsibly is a way to make conscious decisions and support sustainable production and consumption. The Gala kicked off with a silent auction where a stunning handmade red coral, turquoise and sterling silver necklace donated by EWI artists Lia and Otto Chumtong was presented.

Erin Pray and Aida Dedajic

Following the silent auction and cocktail reception, the guests were invited to the ballroom for the runway presentation and dance performance. The fashion show featured some prominent stars like Seth Aaron, the seventh season winner of Project Runway, Luis Valenzuela, internationally acclaimed fashion designer born in Venezuela, and Ginger Root Design, a Washington D.C. based boutique that repurposes fabric to make new, modern designs.  EWI was treated as “VVIP’” with VIP passes and a front, center row to the fashion show.  It is an understatement to say that Erin and Aida were having the time of their life! Most importantly, they enjoyed being a part of a fashion event that promoted sustainable, eco-friendly designs and materials with a sweatshop-free and guilt-free feeling.

The guests at the Gala were a mix of supporters, conscious buyers and volunteers that are the core of FFP. Ben Droz is one of these volunteers who is a scientist by day and a professional photographer by night.  Ben is a volunteer photographer for a popular blog Brightest Young Things, where all of his FFP photos were featured along with a photo of EWI’s staff with the auctioned necklace. Hopefully, we can have Ben as one of future EWI volunteers! After the runway show, the silent auction closed and Lia and Otto Chumtong’s beautiful necklace auctioned for $75! Thank you silent supporter!

EWI would like to thank Yvette Castro, the VP of Research and Programs, who invited us and gave us this special treatment.  Yvette recognized EWI in her speech and also mentioned some great upcoming FFP programs such as DETROIT LIVES! “After the Factory” film screening and Dress Responsibly Forum (June 8th) in which EWI president and founder, Marga Fripp will be a guest panel speaker, Fashion Summer Camp (July 30-August 3), and other programs that can be seen on their website.

by Aida Dedajic, EWI Volunteer

Aida Dedajic is an EWI volunteer, intern and a great supporter. She worked with EWI in the Fall of 2011, helping with events and the search for EWI’s new office space. Aida is a recent graduate from University of Mary Washington with a B.A. In International Affairs and she is currently in search of her dream job. Whenever she has a chance she stops by EWI’s office, which she calls home away from home.


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