What We’re Reading

30 Mar

How to be Productive on a Start-Up Schedule

This informative post from Jenn at Women 2.0 gives start-up entrepreneurs a set of tools for how to manage your schedule while creating your company. I think the most useful is  #3 “Kill those things”, which reminds us to turn off the TV and all other distractions.

3 Things about Mexican Start Ups that may Surprise Investors

Angie at Women 2.0 debunks three major myths about the Mexican economy, Mexican entrepreneurs, and Mexican women in this enlightening post. The women they sight are brave and inspiring entrepreneurs who have successful started their own business – an inspiration to us all!

How to Take Photos Using Models

Click the above link to watch an interesting and informative video from Michelle at Etsy on how to take photos using models. A great resource for both photographers and creators alike!

The Hunger Games – A Hopeful Vision for the Future

Joan at Women 2.0 shares with us her insight into the hit movie, The Hunger Games. The protagonist, Katniss, has been heralded as a prime role-model for young girls and women alike. If you haven’t read the books or seen the movie yet, I would highly recommend it! (Please note: there is violence in both, and it may not be suitable for children.)


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