28 Mar

No other social networking website has been through more of a transformation than Myspace. Often thought of as the original Facebook, Myspace started off as a place to digitally connected with friends and share pictures. Predeceased by Friendster, Myspace allowed it’s users to find their real life (or not) friends, organize them into groups, share pictures, and eventually share music. Profiles were customizable, and the almost sole function was social interaction.

If you haven’t already, click on the Myspace picture and take a look around. Look familiar? I didn’t think so when I logged on earlier this week. Myspace has transformed into a social media platform solely focused in (legally) sharing music, movies and other forms of entertainment. Facebook couldn’t be competed with on the “friending” level, so instead of shutting down, Myspace transformed.

If you’re a musician, Myspace is definitely a site that you should explore. It’s an easy way to share your music with your fans or clients, and is also an excellent online networking platform.

Do you use Myspace? Leave us a comment and let us know what you think!


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