QR Codes

26 Mar


Does this jumbled mess of black and white look familiar to you? Any idea what it is? These monochromatic boxes have been popping up everywhere lately: on the bus, on postcards, online. They’re called QR codes and they are yet another way to instantly connect people to your business. These codes are scannable through your smart phone (you only need to download a QR code reader app, almost all of which are free). When you scan the code, you will be automatically be redirected to a website.

QR codes can be generated through websites (like this one). The graphic can then be places on any printed materials you may produce, such as business cards, posters, postcards, and brochures. These codes are an excellent way to easily direct your customers (or future customers) to your website, Etsy store, or social media sites.

Click here for some interesting examples of QR code use.


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