Are You Well “Like”ed?

8 Mar

How many pages do you “like” on Facebook? I just checked – I like 34 pages. Music groups, books, cooking blogs, schools, photographers, theatres…you name it, I like it.

These are a few of my favorite things...

Establishing your own Facebook page can be an excellent way to remind your customers of your business on a daily basis. The more active you are on Facebook, the more often your clients will see you and think about your company. The key is in striking that delicate balance between posting often enough and over-posting. How can you achieve that balance?

1) Think about your own, personal Facebook use: What companies do you like on Facebook? Which ones do you always pay attention to and look for? Which ones annoy the beejeebies out of you? Find a good role model and follow their lead.

2) Be creative: Don’t always post the same thing. Throw in a contest. Ask for feedback. Announce a sale. Reveal a coupon code. By constantly switching up your content you’ll have your customers on their toes, avoiding the “glossing over” catastrophe that plagues so many companies.

3) Pace yourself: Don’t post 10 things all at once. Rather, utilize all of the free scheduling software that’s available online, such as Hootsuite, so space out when you’re posting.

4) Interact: Always, always, always respond. If someone mentions you in a status, if they write on your wall, or post a picture of your product, you should always respond, thank them, or answer any questions they made have. If people know that you will respond, they will be more likely to initiate interaction. 

How do YOU use your Facebook page to promote your business?


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