What We’re Reading

2 Mar

5 Lessons Learned From A Day With 1000Women Entrepreneurs

– A very insightful piece from Women 2.0 recapping lessons learned from the Women 2.0 PITCH Competition. My favorite? “It’s not always business all the time”

How Tupperware Reinvented American Business

– A surprisingly insightful piece from the Etsy blog about how Tupperware changed the way business is done and how it did wonders to help women make their own money!

Getting Down With The Numbers (Women & Finance Go Together)

– An encouraging post from the ladies at Women 2.0 about how to get over financial fears. The key point I took away from it is that education is key.

Get That First Order – And Get It Right!

-The girls at Women 2.0 hit another home run with this post about how to get that first order (those of you on the Etsy shop – listen up!) It turns out that it’s not just about the product; great delivery is key!

So, what are YOU reading this week? We are always looking for new and interesting blogs to follow. Send any interesting articles you come across to emily@ewint.org


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